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(8) (Dec 9th)  Livingston, Guatemala at last!!  Such an eventful journey! Now time to share Jesus and His love to a new people in a new land for us.  One little 'miracle' we both thank the Lord for: Debbie's Spanish, which she learned in college [a very, verryyy long time ago!], is quickly coming back to her.       Faith can be seen at anchor

Waterfront view of Livingston,


Debbie enjoying the many hand crafted items for sale by street vendors

David with Pastor Martinez of the Livingston Church of God, presenting to him some of the Bibles and materials donated by Pine Valley Church of God in Wilmington, NC, one of the churches who helped supply this trip!

Debbie with Brother Martinez. His church of 60, mostly women and children, need our help to repair a very leaky roof! This would be a great opportunity for a church group from the States. Contact us!!

(9) (Dec 12th)  Time to journey into the interior by way of the Rio Dulce, an impressive river that cuts through the mountains.  We saw along the banks many of the simple homes and kind people of this region.  What a great harvest field for the Gospel message! It is not difficult to find a love for this country.

The entrance into the Rio Dulce, with limestone cliffs.

One of the fascinating structures along the shores.

We saw several small churches.

A father and son fishing from their 'cayuco' on the river.

(10) (Dec 14th)  Today we left our sailboat Faith in a small marina and headed deeper into Guatemala by bus carrying four large shoulder bags and a dufflebag full of clothing, toys and supplies to our dear missionary friend Myra Smith.  Her ministry to the poor in the hill area outside of Chiquimula is a work of faith and great courage, and we commend her spirit of perseverance.

  ▲ Myra's son enjoying himself

Myra with Debbie and clothing

It was such a joy to bring 'Christmas' to her 'family', both in her home and on the hillside.  Poverty is at crisis levels in this area, and we saw many small children with the signs of serious malnutrition. It was very heart- breaking to walk the "linea" with Myra, passing the crude homes and meeting the precious souls, knowing that they needed more help urgently.

Myra has plans to build a feeding center and small school, but she can't do it without the backing of some church groups.  She needs to drill a well right away so they can begin the foundations. Please consider how you can help.  Contact us and visit her website at:  Because we know of so many, I try to avoid promoting one ministry over others but Myra's efforts are worthy of attention, and she does need immediate assistance.  I know that for Debbie and I, our visit with her alone would have made this trip worth all the effort.

One of Myra's families

     One of the hillside homes

 ◄A lonely precious soul

A cherished new gift

Debbie walks  the 'path' of Myra's ministry

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