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[Page 2 of our Fall 2006 mission trip to Central America]

(8) [Sept 4th] After a couple of days at the Dry Tortugas, the last of the Florida Keys, we sailed past the lighthouse on Loggerhead Key and out into the Gulf of Mexico, anxious to reach Central American shores and to begin our mission work.  We could not have expected that the usually robust trade winds would be, to us, more like 'traitor winds', leaving us to faintly drift for days.  The becalmed seas and unmerciful heat would be a special test for us all.

The Loggerhead Key lighthouse

Kyle waits for wind as the sun goes down while David works on an extention for their bunk.

Debbie does galley magic making a pizza on the stove. She did a great job keeping us fed and happy in less than 'perfect' conditions.

(9[Sept 11th]  The Lord has always had a reason for our delays and disappointments.  Just as in our last trip to Guatemala, we came upon another small refugee boat adrift, this time with three Cubans aboard.  They had hoped to reach Mexico but the lack of winds and strong currents now had them in the grip of the Yucatan Channel which would have carried them lost into the western Gulf of Mexico.

David helps tie on the Cuban's boat and get their meager possessions aboard.  Only God could bring our two paths together in such a great sea!!

This dear woman, wife of one of the men, finally finds rest after their ten day ordeal at sea in this tiny boat (which was, by the way, the same number of days we had been under sail to that point!)

As we began to share our faith with the men there was a keen sense in them that God, who really is there, was the only One who could have delivered them.  Aside from all they had known in a godless culture, what was now real in their life would forever change their life.  What joy we had to pray with them, giving out the first of the many Spanish Bibles that friends and churches back home had sent along with us. And what priviledge it is to be "where God needs us to be, ready to do what God needs us to do"! (one of the mottos of our ministry)

(10) [Sept 19th]  What a joy to finally see the mountains of Guatemala and the end of 14 days at sea, including two storms and a torn main sail. Oh, to put feet on dry ground again!

We have already gotten to work for the Lord, sharing with people along the streets and wherever our paths meet.  Lorin and Kyle befriended a dear young lady whom they have led to the Lord.  Debbie and I had lunch in a small cafe, not knowing how great a struggle the owner's life had been.  With tears she gladly accepted a new life through Christ, and a chance to finally bring peace home to her sons.

Lorin & Kyle with new 'sister' Olga

David with Maria. Pray for her family.

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Kyle and Lorin did a wonderful job of ministering to and fellowshipping with our three new friends.  [Their training in Spanish really has paid off during our mission trip, making them right at home among the Guatemalan people.]  David sailed Faith into the bay at Cancun, Mexico in the pre-dawn darkness and we put them ashore right on the beach of the finest hotel!

Kyle sharing with one of the men as we approach the Mexican coast.

The harbor at Livingston, Guatemala

Deb ready to feel land again!

David on a hillside overlooking the sea, considering the "cost" of this journey and the work that  is ahead.

(11) [Sept 22d]  Our journey up the Rio Dulce river begins as we look forward to the many opportunities for ministry that await us.  We are anxious to see our friends, the Buchanans, and all to whom the Lord leads us.

Kyle & Lorin look on as we approach the Rio

The beauty of the "Sweet River"

The fine homes of  Livingston were soon replaced by simple huts and structures of straw and brush.

A beautiful end to a busy day.