Missionary Sailing School


In an effort to provide online training for the many who have contacted us with an interest in doing a similar work as ours, or who just desire to experience the unique freedom and self-sufficiency of the cruising lifestyle, I have assembled notes from my years on the water and, along with YouTube videos and other internet resources, present the following practical ‘hands-on’ lessons.

Each lesson below will open as an Adobe PDF document (please save the file and exit my website before beginning the lesson, which may take up to an hour or more.)  The pages are formatted as narrow columns to allow you to minimize them in order to arrange your windows so that both the PDF and your internet browser may share the same screen (as seen at right.)  

New terms will be introduced in the color teal.  Some videos should be watched in full screen (as the lesson will suggest.) Others are of a poorer resolution and are best viewed in their smaller size.  A review follows the first few lessons, but it is suggested that all of the material be covered more than once.

Lesson 1  “Types of Sailboats”                      

Lesson 2  “Parts of the Boat”                         

Lesson 3  “Rigging and Sails”                        

Lesson 4  “Basic Sailing”                                

Lesson 5  “Basic Sailing Pt 2”                        

Lesson 6  “Basic Sailing Pt 3”                        

Lesson 7  “Knots”                                           

Lesson 8  “Downwind Sailing

                        and Anchoring”

Lesson 9   “Coastal Navigation”

Lesson 10 “Coastal Navigation Pt 2”

Lesson 11  “Coastal Navigation Pt 3”

Lesson 12  “Offshore Navigation”


   (soon to come)

Lesson 13  Offshore Navigation Pt2”

Lesson 14   “Weather & Storm Tactics”

Lesson 15   “Cruising Advice &


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