Making Personal Evangelism Personal

(Sharing your faith with family & friends)


From forty years of sharing Jesus with others, one on one, and having over 1,700 decisions for Christ during our ministry, I have assembled my notes and developed this eight-page study. From these pages I have taught seminars in the Caribbean and the U.S., and now share them with you to help you understand, appreciate, and pass along your experience in the Lord.  These lessons are ideal for both individual and group study.  It is my prayer that many churches will incorporate them into their regular Bible teaching program (Sunday school, home study groups, etc.)  Providing this kind of instruction to new converts and ‘new comers’, making it available on a recurring basis, will go far in advancing a church and God’s Kingdom.


Each lesson below will open as an Adobe PDF document.  Please save the file and exit my website before beginning so that others may visit as well.  You will also note that some scripture references on the pages are in bold print and underlined.  I encourage you to memorize these verse or at least mark them in your Bible (perhaps as a list inside your Bible’s cover), so they are readily available in your conversations with others.  Be blessed in your study, “pass it on” to others, and share with me your suggestions for improvement, as I am working towards publishing a book by the same name.

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Lesson 5      “Saving Faith”

Though faith is common in everyone, just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Discussed is how ‘saving faith’ is trust in God (placing your life in His hands.) Also covered is why good works are not sufficient to make our relationship with God any better.

Lesson 6      “Where to start - When to stop”

Important instructions for when the opportunity comes to share Jesus with your loved ones and others. How to begin as well as how to end is covered along with other necessary advice.

Lesson 1   “Personal Evangelism Is Personal”

Why each Gospel presentation must be tailored to the person you are trying to reach. Also, how we are partners with the Holy Spirit in all that we do and why dependence upon Him is of utmost importance.

Lesson 2      “Jesus One on One”

From the Gospel of John, examples of when and how Jesus ministered to individuals, illustrating techniques for us to use in reaching others with the Gospel.

Lesson 3       “People Need The Lord”

Presents the many things that Jesus offers us, but also why most people will not seek Him: they are blinded by sin, separated from God and at war with Him. And worse - enslaved by the devil. People need the Lord because there is nothing they can do to help themselves in this dire matter.

Lesson 4      “Justice For All”

What Jesus accomplished for us at the cross and how God remains ‘just’ when He forgives our sins and accepts us into His family.

Lesson 7      “Excuses That Last A Lifetime”

As the title says, people make excuses for not accepting Jesus but, when their life is over, they will find that no excuse will hold up before the judgment seat of God. These two lessons cover the objections people give, placing them into four categories: Excuses of denial, delusion,  discouragement, and despair (the latter two usually sincere enough to be reachable.) Common sense and scripture is given to assist in working through these issues with most people.



(Suggestion: After printing this page you may choose to print the lessons front & back to reduce paper use when using as handouts for class purposes)

TEACHERS: A teacher’s version of lessons 3 & 4 is available with addition notes and questions for class interaction.

Teacher’s Lesson 4      

BONUS: To encourage those who accept Christ to grow in Him and in fellowship with other believers,  I include these four additional lessons, “Building On The Foundation”, also with teacher’s versions.  It is my prayer that every church plans for preserving and encouraging their new Christians (these notes are also good for the ‘long-timers’ as well!)